Convolo Dialer Setup for calls over Internet

Convolo Dialer browser extension setup for calls over Internet instructions

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Calls over internet is a convenient way to make and receive calls. For this way, you should have a stable internet connection about 150KB/sec per active call, and VoIP (voice over internet) should be not restricted in your country. A cable internet connection is highly recommended. Also, you need a headset, or other sound recording and reproduction device.

If don't have a reliable internet connection or have problems with sound devices you can use Convolo Dialer callback functionality with your mobile or landline phone.

You can switch the type of calling between VoIP and Callback, as well among several callback devices in any time, selecting corresponding device in the Dialer menu.

In order to use Convolo Dialer chrome extension you need a Windows/Mac/Linux PC that supports the recent version of Chrome browser. Chrome-based browsers (Edge, Brave, Opera, etc.) may work but it's not guaranteed.


Go to

Click "Add to Chrome":


Then click "Add extension" in the pop-up window:


After installation complete you will see gray extension icon in the upper-right corner:

If it's not there you may need to click the extension icon and pin Convolo Dialer.

When the icon appears that means the extension is installed but not yet configured.

Click the extension icon, enter your widget key and click "LOGIN":


Now you are logged. Time to configure the extension.

Click  button:


Then click "Check mic.":


In opened window click to the microphone icon:


If needed click "Allow" in popup window:


If everything is ok, window will close automatically:


Once again click button, then select "Settings":


Make sure that "Open contact card on call answer" option is enabled:


Next click "Close" on the bottom of the options list:

Your Convolo Dialer is ready.

You may test how calls are going calling with Convolo test numbers in your Dialer:

1) +46844686018 - DTMF test number

2) +46108885278 - Echo test number